Special Education Fiscal Management




Live Webinar

Date:  April 13, 2021

Time:   9:oo a.m. to 12:00 a.m. PST

Workshop Fee:   $225

Early Bird Fee:   $195

Intended Audience:

This workshop would be greatly beneficial for staff responsible for effectively managing special education programs, their budgets as well as superintendents, chief business officials, curriculum directors, principals and other school leaders who want to see high quality cost effective special education programs for students.

About the Workshop

A local education agency’s (LEA) special education program serves the neediest student population and is generally the largest restricted program in the general fund.  As special education enrollment continues to increase, funding remains insufficient to adequately serve these students and contributions from the general fund have risen significantly in recent years.  Although many parents believe the state and federal governments pay for special education services, practitioners know that it is the local education agency that ultimately manages these programs and contributes significant resources to ensure these students are served.   But what funding is available for special education, and how can it be best used?  What is the SELPA’s role in supporting LEAs and how do they distribute funding?   Understanding and managing these resources is one of the keys to best serving these students, and to maintain the LEA budget.  This workshop will provide participants with the most current information on how special education funding works, and provide strategies on how to manage a successful and cost-effective special education program.




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