Self-Paced Workshop : Paraprofessional Training for Students with Special Needs




Live Webinar

Self-Paced Workshop: A Two Session Workshop


For groups of 10 or more, please email Aaisha Ahad at to set up specific dates for your district.

Intended Audience:  Paraprofessionals (teacher aides) working with Special Needs Children – Kindergarten through Age 22, Special and General Education Teachers, and Administrators

About the Workshop

Paraeducators are important members of the Special Education team. Strengthen your understanding and knowledge base to work as part of the collaborative instructional team to help students accelerate student achievement and mitigate the learning loss caused by the pandemic. The interactive workshop will explore the 13 qualifying disabilities with an in-depth dive into autism, ADHD and emotional disturbance, strategies for working with students, and building strong student relationships in person and virtually. The participants will understand the qualifying disabilities, the laws surrounding the current special education initiatives and providing relevant accommodations in the general education setting. Participants will leave this session with relevant strategies for the most common disabilities and resources to use and improve your daily practice through distance learning.
Participants will learn advanced skills for working as an effective special education team, communicating effectively with staff and students, collaboration, resolving conflicts and addressing behavior. This collaborative interactive workshop will provide the participants with the background knowledge and skills to be a collaborative contributing member to the special education team.

Online Learning Module Objectives

Understand the characteristics of the high incidence disabilities of Autism, Intellectual Disability, Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disturbance and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
Acquire the knowledge to implement appropriate  strategies and accommodations for the high incidence disabilities in person and through distance learning.
Learn the essential skills of communication and collaboration to be part of an effective special education team
Understand the ABC’s of behavior and how to implement strategies to facilitate positive student behavior.

Session Description

This training involves two courses: Level 1 and Level 2 and are described below:


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