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The ACSA/TSS Director of Maintenance and Operations Certificate Program has been created as a comprehensive program designed to produce new or improve the existing skills of experienced maintenance and operations directors and to enhance the knowledge and skill-set of other school administrators.  The class consists of a broad base of education and training that occurs both in the classroom setting and by practical application. The course will provide an opportunity for participants to expand their skill-set in a challenging yet encouraging environment.  Specialized assignments and class projects are done individually and as part of small teams.  Participants who successfully complete the course will be issued an ACSA/Total School Solutions Director of Maintenance and Operations Certificate.


The participants will be able to:

  1. Develop skills and knowledge needed to be a successful maintenance and operations director or a school administrator involved with supervision of maintenance and operations
  2. Understand best practices for school districts in the areas of maintenance, construction, financial management, budgeting, planning and in other areas pertinent to a successful maintenance and operations director
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of techniques needed to be an effective school leader and supervisor in the public sector
  4. Be able to know and use strategies to develop good inter-district and community relations in order to establish a positive rapport with district stakeholders
  5. Improve individual directors of maintenance skillsets in areas of weakness, and add to and improve upon existing strengths


  1. Attendance and Participation

Participants are expected to attend and contribute in all sessions and must attend all classes in order to receive the ASCA Director of Maintenance and Operations Certificate.   If an emergency arises, one session may be made-up by writing and a academic paper pre-approved by the program’s coordinator.

  1. Group Projects – There will be various in class group projects that students will participate in. During these group projects students may be asked to act in various roles such as facilitator, scribe, group leader, etc.
  2. Presentation – Participants are required to present two 45-minute PowerPoint presentation. One Topic will be chosen by the student and another by the coordinator.  Student chosen presentation topic must be approved by instructor.
  3. Practicum – Participants will select an appropriate practicum which will be due by the end of the course   The practicum can be a variety of activities, including a needed District project or a specific interview with experienced M&O director, architect, construction manager, etc..  The practicum topic/project must be agreed to by the coordinator.
  4. Other Assignments – Other assignments will be given on a variety of topics  with the goal of honing the skills of the class participant.

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