Integration of the Student Study Team into Other Systems of Support

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April 2021

Using a new lens, learn how to better integrate other systems of support when building an effective Study Success Team (SST) model. The Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) has changed the purpose, flow, and logistics around the SST process. This online learning module will give you the needed tools to redesign your SST process into a collaborative platform to develop and monitor Tier 3 support. An “all systems go” design (when-how-why) will be presented through a progression of steps, including how to engage more active parent/caregiver collaboration.
Receive resources and user-friendly materials for SST implementation and replication. Featured tools include data collection strategies; on-site and online monitoring techniques; distance learning accommodations and digital instructional tools; procedures and valuable checklists. Examples of MTSS and SST processes will be shared to help local educational agencies (LEAs) meet State elements for Special Education monitoring as well as Dashboard indicators for all students.
Online Learning Module Objectives
· Understand the key factors required to facilitate support services, interventions, and accommodations for students with academic or social-emotional concerns through a process using both on-site and online approaches.
· Acquire the knowledge to choose the most up-to-date assessment tools and data collection strategies to monitor student progress and improve academic performance in more integrated learning environments.
· Learn the critical components of an effective SST model that support improvement strategies and activities when addressing specific Dashboard indicators for identified target populations.
· Understand how the SST process strengthens the development, implementation, and monitoring of Tier 3  academic, social-emotional, and attendance interventions.

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