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Assessment is the often overlooked and nearly universally misunderstood link between high quality instruction and high student performance. This online learning experience will help everyone from the most seasoned administrator to the novice teacher improve their assessment literacy. The core belief behind this training is that even with the best instruction, when a good measurement of student learning is lacking (assessment), instructional direction will be unclear and lack purpose. By completing this online learning experience you will improve your ability to write and analyze assessments with the basic understanding that a great assessment gives great feedback.

When we have great feedback of learning, we have the ability to provide better learning opportunities for students. Moreover, to get great feedback, you need great data; to get great data, we need great questions. Simply, without outstanding assessments and total assessment literacy, it is virtually impossible to maximize instructional time and teacher energy. This session will provide the why, the how, and the what necessary to dramatically increase your assessment literacy.

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