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Dr. Caryl Miller



  • Doctor of Education: University of Southern California (USC)
  • Master of Science (Special Education): USC
  • Bachelor of Arts (English):  California State University at Long Beach


  • Certificate in School Business Administration – University of Southern California
  • Administrative Services Credential (Life), Grades Preschool, K-12, Adult
  • Standard Secondary Teaching Credential (Life): English and Physical Education
  • Specialist Instruction Credential in Special Education (Life)
  • Resource Specialist Authorization (Life)
  • Designated Subjects – Vocational Education Teaching Credential: Full Time (Life)



Teaching and Administrative Positions:

  • General and Special Education Teacher, Program Specialist, Coordinator, Director, SELPA Adminstrator, Assistant Superientent

Educational Consultant:

  • Provide technical assistance to local educational agencies in evaluating policies/procedures and reviewing delivery practices.
  • Prepare special education procedural manuals, handbooks, mandated reports, policy procedures, and action plans.
  • Conduct analysis of taking back programs/services from other contracted service providers.
  • Provide professional development/workshops at school districts and statewide conferences.
  • Develop and implement inclusive service delivery models within least restrictive environments.
  • Provide assistance in grant solicitation and grant writing across multiple educational areas.

Senior Consultant with Total School Solutions for ten years. Retired Assistant Superintendent, Student Support Services and Special Education, with the Hemet Unified School District. Dr. Miller has a broad range of educational experiences for 45 years as a general and special education teacher as well as an administrator at different levels including school site, district office, county office of education, and special education local plan area (SELPA). Upon retirement, Dr. Miller works as an educational consultant for small, medium, and large school districts and charter schools in the areas of organizational change, program improvement, and leadership coaching. She has conducted approximately 50 independent special education reviews in the areas of program operations, fiscal analysis, and/or compliance audits. Dr. Miller has enjoyed visiting over 2,000 classrooms statewide during this study process. She also provides technical assistance to local educational agencies (LEAs) related to State intensive and targeted monitoring reviews, addressing such components as disproportionality, noncompliance, performance indicators/elements, and improvement of outcomes for struggling students.

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