Know the Rules of the Purchasing Road

In virtually every community, School Districts are one of the largest purchasers of a wide variety of goods and services.   Districts are also heavily regulated, and purchasing is no exception.  Districts that do not understand or follow these regulations do so at their own legal peril.   This workshop will provide an overview of the different processes and procedures the district utilizes to make purchases, as well as the requirements and threshold for these purchases.   This course is a must for employees who want a deeper understanding of school district purchasing such as administrators, department directors, business office staff, and anyone who is involved with any step of the purchasing process.
Topics in this workshop include Requests for proposals, purchase orders vs. contracts; employees’ roles and district procedures in purchasing; bidding requirements, process, and thresholds; piggyback bids; CUPCCA requirements and procedures; facility construction and repair purchasing, service contracts, DIR requirements.
Purchasing Edited6.12

Course Curriculum

Purchasing Basics
Introduction to School District Purchasing 00:00:00
Types and Methods of Purchasing 00:00:00
Purchase Orders 00:00:00
Contract Basics 00:00:00
Purchasing 101 Quiz Part I 00:15:00
Introduction to Bidding 00:00:00
The Basics of Bidding 00:00:00
Bidding Exemptions 00:00:00
Bonds Required for Bidding 00:00:00
Purchasing 101 Quiz Part II 00:15:00
Understanding CUPCCA 00:00:00
CUPCCA Requirements 00:00:00
CUPCCA Procedures 00:00:00
Purchasing 101 Quiz Part III 00:15:00

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  1. Highly recommend!


    This course covers all areas of purchasing. It provides a great overview of the basics of purchasing (types, purchase orders, and basics), bidding rules/exemptions/bonds, and details about the specifics of CUPCCA.

    Highly recommend!

    Dr. Lisa Gonzales
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