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A life of sport, coaching, psychotherapy, teaching and school leadership has revealed the best of education in and beyond the classroom, and also the critical gaps and tools that too often get missed. This is a shortcut to go from passenger in your life to driver; to know yourself so much better, and get on a deliberate path to exactly where you want to go.
Structuring for Success is a fresh take on helping students and young adults get unstuck. Designed and delivered by Luke Coles, who has travelled to all 7 continents as a tennis player and been a teacher and Principal for 20 years as well as a college professor, this proven and engaging three-month program promises a personalized path for unlocking direction, motivation, and discipline. It’s only 1 hour per week; so worth it to figure out how you can accomplish the things that are important to you. Whether you are already ‘on track’ or want to get there, we will work together to help you find your next gear.

How about it?

REAL, CONCRETE steps to develop new habits and reach your goal. We will start together where you are – Relationships. School. Hobbies. Wellness. Work. Steps towards thriving instead of surviving. The first few weeks are about increasing awareness of your strengths, inner critic, dreams, and limitations both real and perceived. In those ways that you can feel like life is happening TO you, we will work to increase your own desires and direction so that life starts happening ALIGNED with you. Then we shift to actions: new tasks and habits to improve how you feel and create momentum that feeds itself. Finally, we put in place lifelong tools for maintaining direction to our highest goals, for managing our tasks and limiting overwhelm, and for calendaring not just our doings but also our favourite ‘relaxings’. Our best life doesn’t just present itself; it needs to be understood, worked towards, and prioritized!

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Join the close to 100 students who have already said ‘YES’! Reach out for a chat to learn more… or feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might benefit.

Course Curriculum

Understanding Myself
Week 1 : MAP Introductions and Initial Goal-Setting. Inner Guide/Inner Critic 00:00:00
Week 2 : LOOK My Patterns. Ekman’s Atlas of Emotions. New Awareness 00:00:00
Week 3 : WHEEL Defining my Life Categories. How they Roll 00:00:00
Week 4 : RESTART Getting ‘Unstuck’: Lead with Behaviours. Form new Habits 00:00:00
Week 5 : SHINE Resume impressions/feedback. Mock interview 00:00:00
Week 6 : INSPIRE My ‘North Star’ Vision Statement & Goal Setting to realize it 00:00:00
Taking Control of My Life
Week 7 : iThrive 3-in-1 Tool: Goals/Tasks/Calendaring. Set weekly micro-goals. Execute 00:00:00
Week 8 : iThrive 3-in-1 Tool: Goals/Tasks/Calendaring. Prioritize tasks. Tame overwhelm 00:00:00
Week 9 : iThrive 3-in-1 Tool: Goals/Tasks/Calendaring. My Doings & My Relaxings 00:00:00
Week 10 : My Core Values. Personal Mission & Vision 00:00:00
The World on My Terms
Week 11 : OPTIMIZE Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep 00:00:00
Week 12 : STRATEGIZE(Students) The Game of School : Note taking and Study Methods that Work 00:00:00
Week 12 : MANAGE (Post Grad) Social Media Review. Wealthy Barber’s “Pay Yourself First” 00:00:00
Week 13 : INCORPORATE My Multiple Selves : Enneagram/Attachment Theory/Parts RoadMap 00:00:00
Week 14 : CELEBRATE More Awareness. More Motivation. More of what Works 00:00:00

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